Anime name XLR8
Manga name Alien X
Alternate names
Speeding Man
Super XLR8
Ultra XLR8
Evil XLR8
Debut Unleashed!
Appears in
Race Originally Human, Half-Kinetcleran, & Half-Saiyan
Weight 123 lbs.
Address WST 3338926 K.
Allegiance Planet Trade Organization (Soldier in the Saiyan Army, ??? - 737 Age)
(Soldier directly under Frieza, 737 - 762 Age)
Z Fighters (Warrior, 762 - 790 Age)
  • Roger Koffi (father)
  • Ben Koffi (adoptive brother)
  • Shrankon Koffi (brother)
  • King Mersheno (Friend`s father)
  • Mack Jallox (Best friend)
  • Vallena (way older friend)
  • Mersheno (Best Friend / Fusee / Rival)
  • Future Joseph Koffi (alternative timeline)
  • Vogalaz Boehunter (megamorphee)
  • Johnny Trufforman (apprentice)
  • Heatblast (Omnitrix Counterpart)
  • Wildmutt (Omnitrix Counterpart)
  • Xilliant (Omnitrix Counterpart)
  • Ryan Stackinson (Parell-version)
  • Future Ryan Stackinson (Parell-version, alternate timeline)
  • "Whoa! I`m much faster than i was before, awesome!"

    Joseph Koffi originally uses XLR8 (played by Young Beezy) because of races, to catch robbers, and to stop people who have the exact speed as he does or who escapes form jail. 5th alien used in the Omnitrix. When Joseph said XLR8 quickly it sounded like 'accelerate'. XLR8 in Super Saiyan form is called "Super XLR8". XLR8 in its Ultra Super Saiyan form is "Ultra XLR8". XLR8 will be used again in Joseph 10 Alien Force being inside Joseph`s "Newmatrix" & Joseph 10 Evolutions which Joseph sees as a hologram in the Ultimatrix.

    XLR8 has neonical & treonical forms named: Turbo XLR8 & EverlastR8. "Evil XLR8" will be in the Joseph 10 movie, Wiped-Out Waiter. "Ultimate XLR8" is in the video game, Joseph 10: Worlds of Terror, but he isn`t in the series.





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    Kinetcleran Trap

    A random Kinetcleran boy gets trapped into Joseph`s Omnitrix berore using XLR8.

    Joseph 10

    Extra-speed Reborn!

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    Rough Randomicity

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    Oridinary Alien

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    Devouring the Cradle

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    Joseph 10 Z & Joseph 10 GT

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    XLR8`s Zennymatrix Entrance

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    XLR8`s New Life

    XLR8 (Zenned & Grand Tour)

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    XLR8 (Zenned Drai)

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    XLR8 (Alien Force)

    XLR8`s appearences in Joseph 10: Alien Force is that XLR8`s mask, tail, half feets, and arms are changed green.

    XLR8 (Evolutions)

    XLR8 comes back as a ultimate alien in Joseph`s Ultimatrix which is in the series, Joseph 10 Evolutions.


    Great Ape

    Main Article: Great Ape

    XLR8 has a Great Ape form.

    Super Saiyan

    Main Article: Super Saiyan

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    Ultra Super Saiyan

    Main Article: Ultra Super Saiyan

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    Super Saiyan 2

    Main Article: Super Saiyan 2

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    Super Saiyan 3

    Main Article: Super Saiyan 3

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    Super Saiyan 4

    Main Article: Super Saiyan 4

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    Omnitrix Fusions

    All of the Omnitrix Fusions that include XLR8.


    Main Article: XLR-Mech

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    Main Article: XLR-Wolf

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    Main Article: XLR-Wolfmech

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    Omnifier (Omnitrix Man)

    Main Article: Omnifier

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    XLR8`s Power Level

    • Joseph metions that XLR8`s power level is around 18,073.
    • As Joseph transforms into "Super XLR8", his power level is around 20,107,967.
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    See Also

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    Turbo XLR8

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