Wildmutt is Joseph`s 2nd alien in the Omnitrix that has been used. Wildmutt first makes his appearence in the Joseph 10 episode: Unleashed. Wildmutt`s real powers is thermographic vision and stopping time. "Super Wildmutt" is the Super Saiyan - Super Saiyan 5 version of Wildmutt. "Ultra Wildmutt" is the Ultra Super Saiyan - Ultra Super Saiyan 5 verion of Wildmutt. Joseph`s Wildmutt can speak but when Peter absorbed Joseph while complety transforming into Wildmutt, Peter Petrelli was Wildmutt but he couldn`t speak. It was mentioned that Joseph`s Wildmutt isn`t supposed to be able to speak. Wildmutt`s neo-form is Wildnine & Wildmutt`s treo-form is Wildsmash. Wildmutt be be nicknamed, "Tigermutt", for Joseph 10,000.



  • Thermography
  • Controling Time
  • RMB Powers
  • Powers of extra strength, speed, and other abilities from "Super Wildmutt" & "Ultra Wildmutt"


Wildmutt`s New Appearences

Wildmutt (Z & GT)

Wildmutt appears in Joseph 10 Z & Joseph 10 GT turning into his Saiyan State form to fight Frieza & Cell.


Super Wildmutt

Super Wildmutt is Wildmutt`s Super Saiyan forms.

Ultra Wildmutt

Ultra Wildmutt are Wildmutt`s Ultra Super Saiyan forms.


The Omnitrix Fusion that will include Wildmutt, but, will not include Aliens 21-50.


Main article: 'Omnifier

Omnifier is the Omnitrix Fusion that grabs Wildmutt to fuse with Joseph very first 19 aliens.