Vilgax (played by Overrider) is the most strongest enemy that Joseph has. Vilgax is only villain who wants to steal the Omnitrix from Joseph`s superside, "Joseph 10". Althougth, Vilgax doesn`t know Joseph is Joseph 10. Now the most hardest thing for Vilgax to do is to find the Omnitrix and to find Joseph at the same time. Vilgax`s alter ego is "Mighty Vilgax" when Vilgax uses Max Power. Vilgax is the leader of The Vicious 20. Vilgax has a water form called "Vilgactopus". Vilgax gets a gauntlet in the movie, Joseph 10: Supergan Brawlers. Vilgax will first be seen in Joseph 10 and in Joseph 10 Evolutions, Vilgax loses his interest for the Omnitrix, but gains interest for Joseph`s Ultimatrix.