The only alien techy that Joseph uses to hack, merge, fix stuff, and use laser beams is Upgrade. Upgrade is played by J Weezy. "Golden-haired Upgrade" is Upgrade in Super Saiyan. 9th alien used. Upgrade`s Saiyan transformations like "Super Saiyan", "Super Saiyan 2", or "Super Saiyan 3" increases Joseph power level and strength. Upgrade as "Super Saiyan 4" is called "Red-furred Upgrade". SSJ4 Micrino the new Saiyan king has absorbed Upgrade making King Micrino, "SSJ4 Micrigrade". Upgrade also appears in Joseph 10 Alien Force & Joseph 10 Evolutions.



  • Merging / Controls Tech
  • Heat Lasers

Upgrade`s New Life

Upgrade (Z & GT)

Upgrade will return in Joseph 10 Z & Joseph 10 GT.


Super Saiyan Upgrade

Super Saiyan Upgrade is the Super Saiyan form of Upgrade.