"The Supermatrix Warrior has awakened by rage. The transformation of legend has arrived, i am...Super Joseph: Supermatrix Warrior of Greatness!"
— "Compound (Pt 1): Super Joseph"

thumb|300px|rightA Super Saiyan is a Saiyan transformed by raising their power levels to high. Joseph is the 1st one in a long time to go Super Saiyan. This form has 3 branches of other forms: False, Ultra, and Full Powered. For Joseph, this form could be far too dangerous. You have too be part of the Saiyan race to be a Super Saiyan. Joseph meets Niqualla and he sees why his Omnitrix mixes up with his Super Saiyan form. Super Saiyans are the strongest beings, they hair/eyebrows are golden and the eyes change green. Joseph relives the Saiyan race and brings Mack and the rest of the crew to Ninozench to hunt for the Dragonballs. Joseph`s Super Saiyajin - Super Saiyajin 3 form has golden mutant claws.


The Super Saiyan Form

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