Stinkfly is Joseph`s 3rd alien used in the Omnitrix. Stinkfly was used when Metallo & Vilgax kidnapped Mack and Susan. Stinkfly & Red Blue Blur saves Mack & Susan by combining thier powers.



  • Create gases
  • Goop vision
  • Flight (by wings)
  • Laser Beams
  • Controls Space & Time
  • Telepathy

as a SSJ-SSJ13:

  • Super Strength
  • Goop Vision
  • Laser Beams
  • Flight
  • Controls Space & Time
  • Telepathy
  • Create Gases

Stinkfly`s New Life

Stinkfly (Z & GT)

Stinkfly turns 11 years old in Joseph 10 Z, for Joseph`s Zennytrix. And Stinkfly turns into a teenager (13 years old) in Joseph 10 GT.

Stinkfly (AF)

Stinkfly will make his appearence in Joseph 10 Alien Force.