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Joseph 10`s Ripjaws

Joseph (as Ripjaws)

Joseph only uses Ripjaws when fighting Razorfish or the bullies Milch and Carzin. This is the 6th alien to appear from Joseph`s Omnitrix. Ripjaws`s race is called Piscciss Volann from the planet Piscciss. "Super Ripjaws" could only be accessed when Ripjaws transforms into a Super Saiyan. "Ultra Ripjaws" is his Ultra Super Saiyan - Ultra Super Saiyan 4 form. I have and video example of Ripjaws on the Ben 10 video that i posted.

Superpowers & Usage


Ripjaws can control water and he is very dehydrated in heat.

Personal Usage of Ripjaws

Joseph only used Ripjaws sometimes due to the glitch that the Omnitrix has.


List of Ripjaws`s forms in Joseph 10, Joseph 10 Alien Force, & Joseph 10 Evolutions.

Ripjaws (Joseph 10)

Joseph uses Ripjaws because of underwater creatures life. Ripjaws`s life is based on the Omnitrix that Joseph has on his wrist. If it weren`t for the Half Saiyan, Joseph, his transformaion as Ripjaws wouldn`t be in control of his life. His power level is 7,000,000.

Ultimate Ripjaws

Ultimate Ripjaws is a mystical version of Ripjaws and he is nicknamed, "Mystic Ripjaws". This is Ripjaws at his full potential. This form has a orange & blue sleeveless shirt with a japanese turtle sign on the side of the shirt and the back is the middle of the shirt. His power level is 1,000,000,000.

Kaioken Ripjaws

Kaioken Ripjaws is a red version of Ripjaws that has very strong attacks and skills.

False Super Saiyan Ripjaws

False Super Saiyan Ripjaws is False SSJ Joseph transformed into a red antenned & red face Ripjaws with a charged yellow aura.

Great Ape Ripjaws

Great Ape Ripjaws is Ripjaws as a Great Ape. With this form, Ripjaws still keeps his head and arms but the rest of his body is in a body of an ape.

SSJ Ripjaws / Super Ripjaws

SSJ Ripjaws or Super Ripjaws is Ripjaws (Joseph) in his Super Saiyan form. Joseph (as Ripjaws) has used Super Kaioken.

SSJ2 Ripjaws

SSJ2 Ripjaws was Ripjaws`s Super Saiyan 2 transformation which was used in a race called the Saiyans.