Peter Parker / Spider Man

Peter Parker is the photographer and most famous hero, Spider-Man. Joseph`s new webbing powers came from Peter`s Spider-Man ego. Peter is master of all secrets. Peter was with Joseph while being a Super Saiyajin 4. Peter is usally needed when Joseph`s powers are recharging. Soon, Peter became Super Spider-Man which is a black suited symbioted suit of Spider-Man.

Inner Combat Skills

Peter`s skills or powers.


He can climb on walls, use his spidey-sense, and he can make anything out of his webs.


Superhero Identies

Black-Suited Spider-Man

Black-Suited Spider-Man is the evil transformation of Spider-Man. He is Spider-Man but he is black suited. Venom was the one who made Peter, Super Spider-Man.

Green-Suited Spider-Man

The triangular Green-Suited Spider Man has a suit that will not come off but only his mask.

Peter Parker`s New Appearences

Peter Parker (AF)

Peter Parker was turned back into a kid in Joseph 10 Alien Force.