Open Space is the first episode of Jacked Town. Season 1 is called the "Rench Saga". Joseph meets first real friends named Susan & Mack. Joseph gets bitten by Koavi in his mosquito form. Joseph is granted laser beams, telepathy, control minds, & super sonic flight by getting a Radioactive Mosquiton Bite.



  • Joseph Koffi / Rench Pal
  • Mack Jallox
  • Susan Corter


Runnning Gags

The "Uh, Bathroom" Line

Master Snapples: Hey, Joseph! Where are you going?

Joseph: Uh...the bathroom?

Hey, Where`s Shanneus?

coming soon...

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Dragonball Episode 1 Trivia

  • Joseph meets Susan & Mack in a blue-shirted robe. This is similar to the first episode of Dragonball when Goku met Bulma.