"Some people should be ashamed of themselves! Their ruthlesss people who should`nt deserve to be treated correctly!"
— "Open Space"

"Is it time to build something, Joseph? "
— Mack`s british voice in ("Autumn is Great to You!")

Mack Jallox (played by Avatar) is one of Joseph`s best friends who premieres in Jacked Town. Mack goes to a swamp where he sees a watch called the Trilocker which has 10 alien heroes. Mack had seen that he had other abilities than just the Trilocker. Mack has the power to fly, create fire, regenerate, and mutant claws. Mack makes a suit with an awesome frog mask calling himself, Wildfrog. "Super Mack" / "Super Wildfrog" is the Super Saiyan version of Mack. Mack has the Recalibrated Trilocker in Joseph 10 Alien Force. Mack is 16 years old with his Ultilocker in Joseph 10 Evolutions.

Mack`s New Life

Mack (AF)

Mack grows up as a 15 year old freshman and gets The Trilocker rescaned with 10 new aliens. Mack mostly uses his "Ultimate Mack" transformation more than his Super Saiyan transformation in Joseph 10 Alien Force.

Mack (Evolutions)

16 year old Mack has made his watch turn into the Ultilocker. Mack has 10 new aliens.


Mack`s forms in Jacked Town, Joseph 10, Joseph 10 Z, Joseph 10 GT, Joseph 10 Alien Force, & Joseph 10 Evolutions.

Great Ape

The Great Ape of Mack is only used by his tail in the series, Jacked Town.


Kaioken is the technique Mack used while training under King Kai and Joseph.

Ultimate Mack

Ultimate Mack is Mack after he unlocks his full potential. His nickname is "Mystic Mack".

Majin Mack

The superhero who is Joseph`s friend, Mack, has been turned into Majin Mack. Majin Mack mostly uses "Majin Sketchbeam".