Joseph 10 Evolutions is a 3rd series about Joseph Koffi. Joseph & Mack are now 16, and Clark is now Superman, Claire & Susan, & Eva have new powers, are the 2 Peter`s: Peter Parker & Peter Petrelli have new abilities. Joseph has a new Omnitrix called the Ultimatrix, and Mack has a new Trilocker called the Ultilocker, Joseph & Mack have 10 new aliens: Armodrillo, NRG, Astrotrapper, Arrowzinger, Windmill, Persuain, Water Hazard, Amphibian, Terraspin & Quintshock. Joseph & Mack`s secret are now told to the whole world. Some parents, or kids complains about how they are always around on time or how Joseph takes pictures of Joseph 10 & Wildfrog at the same time when another Joseph callled Vilgax & Lequindo destroys the town which is why some people don`t trust Joseph & Mack. Joseph & Mack are in 11th Grade for Blair High School.

Bida is now 13 years old with a brand new Prestocrystal that Joseph created wihich is now callled, The Ulti-Prestocrystal. New Villians: Zeel & Aggregor, are make battle gauntlets to play Joseph`s new game, "Supergan Brawlers", to possibly destroy Joseph. Lequindo comes back with his Ultimatrix and offically names it: The Nega-Ultimatrix. Joseph successfully finishes Azmuth`s Ultimatrix (Ultimate-Omnimatrix) prototype by adding game controlers, interent/game memory sticks, and a brawler mode of The Ultimatrix. Joseph`s Brawlered Ultimatrix (Brawlered Ultimate-Omnimatrix) has the "ultimate" sword. The pilot episode is, Advanced / Famous Work / The Unstoppable Superheroes.



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