Joseph Ten

The promotional poster of Joseph 10!

Joseph 10
is a show about a 10 year old called Joseph Koffi who returns with the Radioactive Mosquito Bite and now has a alienistic watch called The Omnitrix. Joseph`s best friend, Mack gets a alienistic watch similar to the Omnitrix called the Trilocker. Joseph is on Summer Vacation in a RV road trip with Mack, Susan Corter, Marcel, Clark, Eva, Peter Petrelli, Peter Parker, & Claire Bennet. The theme song is, The Time for Going Alien! It`s pilot episode is, Unleashed! Joseph officially becomes "Joseph 10" by wearing the costume in the episode, Shugglepuff! The first Joseph 10 movie is, Joseph 10: The Unsafe. The eleventh/brawling movie when Joseph has the Brawlermatrix is the movie, Joseph 10: Supergan Brawlers.