Joseph Koffi`s 1st son is Jacob "Jake" Koffi. His ego is Saiyatrix Man. Future Joseph gives Jake his old weapon, The Ultimatrix. Jake``s 1`st alien is Water Hazard. Jake`s Super & Ultra forms are for his Super Saiyan & Ultra Super Saiyan forms. As Jake grows as a 16 year old his Ultimatrix rescans. Jake`s girlfriend is mentioned to be, Rosalina Mapletree.


Jake`s history includes him fighting Frieza to get away from Joseph`s Powertool. Jake teaches Larvo other techniques as Larvo becomes his student. Jake gets his Ultimatrix from his dad, Joseph.

Jake`s Holdoff on Frieza

Jake holds off Frieza with his special attack, The Matrix Blowsmash.

Abilities & Techniques

  • Ki Blasts - The basic blast of power.
  • Aura Charging - The Aura (which) lights / glows around Jake to charge his inner Saiyan power.
  • Electricity - Jake gets this ability from his dad.
  • The Kamehameha Wave -

Jake`s Forms & Transformations

Jake Koffi

Jake Koffi is Jake`s original form.

Saiyatrix Man

Jake`s Saiyatrix Man is an alter ego of himself gaining a double identity.

Super Saiyan

Jake`s Super Saiyan form is his 1`st Saiyan transformation.

Ultimatrix Transformations