"The time has come. I am now using the neonical form of Heatblast. I am now officially...Heatwave: The First Neo-Omnitrix Hero! Fighting you is just wasting my time if you know i am going to beat you, Vilgax!"
— "So Evolved!"

Joseph`s 1st Neo-Omnitrix alien is, Heatwave. "Super Heatwave" could be used in Super Saiyan - Super Saiyan 4. Heatwave`s Ultra Super Saiyan - Ultra Super Saiyan 4 is him as "Ultra Heatwave". Joseph experienced Heatwave when putting the techband on the Omnitrix to make it the Neo-Omnitrix. This form could be used for water and heat. Heatwave & Eightarms are two of Joseph`s strongest Neo-Omnitrix transformations. "Ultimate/Mystic Heatwave" is Heatblast true form for ultimate strength and hidden skills. Heatwave will come back in Joseph 10 Alien Force for Joseph`s rescaned Omnitrix & he is in Joseph 10 Evolutions for Joseph`s Ultimatrix to evolve Heatblast.