200px-Heatblast 2 Super Heatblast
Anime name Heatblast
Manga name Heatblast
Alternate names
Burning Man
Heat Speeder
Debut Unleashed!
Appears in
Race Originally Human, Half-Pyronite, & Half-Saiyan
Weight 123 lbs.
Address WST 3338926 K.
Allegiance Planet Trade Organization (Soldier in the Saiyan Army, ??? - 737 Age)
(Soldier directly under Frieza, 737 - 762 Age)
Super Sonic 4 (Super Warrior Team)
  • Roger Koffi (father)
  • Ben Koffi (adoptive brother)
  • Shrankon Koffi (brother)
  • King Mersheno (Friend`s father)
  • Mack Jallox (Best friend)
  • Vallena (way older friend)
  • Mersheno (Best Friend / Fusee / Rival)
  • Future Joseph Koffi (alternative timeline)
  • Vogalaz Boehunter (megamorphee)
  • Johnny Trufforman (apprentice)
  • Fourarms (Omnitrix Counterpart)
  • Wildmutt (Omnitrix Counterpart)
  • Xilliant (Omnitrix Counterpart)
  • Ryan Stackinson (Parell-version)
  • Future Ryan Stackinson (Parell-version, alternate timeline)
  • "Man! It`s so hot i think im burning! Otherwise, i am...Heatblast: The First Omnitrix Superhero!"
    — "Unleashed!"

    Heatblast is Joseph`s 1st alien used in the Omnitrix. He is from an alien race called the Pyronites from the star Pyros. Joseph used Heatblast the most while heating up his food. Heatblast is the Omnitrix`s Choosen One since he is the start of when the Omnitrix was used. "Super Heatblast" is Heatblast`s Super Saiyan - Super Saiyan 4 form. "Ultra Heatblast" is Heatblast in a Ultra Super Saiyan - Ultra Super Saiyan 4 form. Heatblast`s original power is to control fire. In the Joseph 10 episode: Unleashed! is where Heatblast was used. Heatblst is used in Joseph 10 Z & Joseph 10 GT. Joseph`s son, Matthew had used this alien first in his own Omnitrix. Heatblast`s original 2 transformations, Heatwave & Supernova, is brought by Joseph technology rubber band. In the series Joseph 10 Evolutions, Heatblast is used from Joseph`s Ultimatrix.




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    Free and Reused

    A Pyronite got trapped inside the Omnitrix allowing Joseph to transform into Heatblast first.

    Joseph 10

    All of Heatblast`s infomation from Joseph 10!

    The Woods Granted Wish

    While The Dragonballs were gone, Joseph finds his Omnitrix in the woods and names himself: "Joseph 10", then he turns into Heatblast.

    Heated-Ape is Used

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    Fire-Raging Stunts

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    Army of Pyronites

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    Joseph 10 Z & Joseph 10 GT

    All infomation of Joseph 10 Z & Joseph 10 GT!

    Zenned Superhero

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    Maikotrix Style

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    Joseph 10 Z Drai

    The Joseph 10 Z Drai information of Heatblast!

    Draied Area for Heatblast

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    Joseph 10 Alien Force

    All the Joseph 10 Alien Force information!

    In the Newmatrix

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    Joseph 10 Evolutions

    Every single information of Joseph 10 Evolutions!

    Ultimatrix Style

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    Heatblast`s New Life

    Heatblast (Z & GT)

    Heatblast appears in Joseph 10 Z & Joseph 10 GT.

    Heatblast (AF)

    Heatblast appears in Joseph 10 Alien Force for Joseph`s Recalibrated Omnitrix.

    Heatblast (Evolutions)

    From the Ultimatrix, Heatblast is used by Joseph Koffi in Joseph 10 Evolutions.


    Great Ape Heatblast

    This is Heatblast`s Great Ape version. Heatblast goes Great Ape while looking at the full moon and he has his Saiyan tail.

    False Super Saiyan Heatblast

    False Super Saiyan Heatblast is Heatblast in a Negative version of a Super Saiyan.

    Super Heatblast

    "I`m finally chosen. They call me...Super Heatblast: The First Supermatrix Hero! Hey, Frieza i bet you can`t handle the superheat of... welll... me...Super Heatblast!"
    — "Compound (Pt 2): Super Heatblast is Born!"

    Super Heatblast (played by Aaron Mputu is Heatblast`s 4 Super Saiyans.

    Ultra Heatblast

    Ultra Heatblast (played by Fon "The Stealer") is Heatblast`s 4 Ultra Super Saiyan forms.

    Heatblast`s Sickest Forms


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    Super Freezeblast

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    Ultra Freezeblast

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    Icemonster (Neo-Form)

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    Super Icemonster

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    Presidental Version

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    Super Presidental

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    Heatblast`s Saiyan Energy

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    Making Heated Presidential Ways

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