"I`ll never be afraid from scums like Frieza & Cell, ever! I am the hero of the universe! It is my task to make things right with the help of my family and friends!"
— "Future Joseph 10 (Joseph 10,000)"

This is a futuristic version of Joseph Koffi with his new superhero image, Joseph 10,000. This version of Joseph went to save his present self to save Earth. Joseph Koffi now has 2 sons named, Jake Koffi & Matthew, and 1 daughter named, Melissa. Joseph`s wife is, Jamie Luftnord. Joseph 10,000 is the one to save Future DJ`s life. Joseph identity is revealed to the whole world. Joseph`s apperence is a muscular guy with more RMB powers and more Omnitrix transformations coming with new abilities. The Omnitrix has grown from Joseph`s muscular skin. Joseph is now a full time superhero, full time photographer, & a police officer. Joseph is now "The King of all 10,000 Omnitrix Superheroes". Joseph over uses the Dragonballs which makes the Shadow Knight Dragons arrive.

Later on, Mersheno nicknames Joseph as Jetstorm 10,000, in mid-2010. Joseph doesn`t use his universal, ancient, or galactic forms anymore while turning 40 years old. Joseph`s wife, Jamie, noctices how he grew out of his old suit for a brand-new supersuit.



  • Fusion Dance - The technique for 2 or more beings to become one person limitedly or unlimitedly.
  • Kamehameha Wave - A strong laser blast from a very strong power level.
  • Omnitrix Bomb - This is technique that Joseph uses to gather energy from the Omnitrix to shoot a huge bomb.
  • Super Omnitrix Bomb - Joseph uses this attack as a Super Saiyan to gather his Supermatrix Heroes energy to throw a large bomb.

Future Joseph`s Life

Joseph`s Police Day

Joseph applies to be a Police Officer so that way he can easily dissapear and switch to his Joseph 10,000 costume.


Future Heatblast

Future Heatblast is Heatblast as an Adult. This futuristic version of Heatblast doesn`t use the Super Saiyan forms.

Future Ditto

Future Ditto is Ditto from the future as a 30 and 40 year old.