is a Petrosapien. He is also the 4th alien to be seen in Joseph`s Omnitrix. Diamondhead is one of Joseph`s strongest superheroes to choose from. Diamondhead is also used to fix tires. Since Joseph has powers so great (like in Super Saiyan form) that he could ever imagine, it makes him more stronger and powerful then he thinks. Joseph trains as Diamondhead to get even more stronger because 16 Saiyans were coming to destroy earth. In Vilgax`s original form he can stand a chance against Joseph. When Joseph uses Joseph 10, Diamondhead or Fourarms are usually the first ones to be used. "Super DH" is Diamondhead in Super Saiyan form. The powered-up form is "Ultra DH" who is the Ultra Super Saiyan form of Diamondhead. Diamondhead`s 2 evolved forms are: Diamondblock & Crystalbomb.



  • Controls Crystals
  • Super Strength


Super DH

'Super DH is Diamondhead`s Super Saiyan form.